Scholarship Partner – AJ Park



Mark Hargreaves - Principal at AJ Park

Although AJ Park – a leading provider of intellectual property law services in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region – has supported various initiatives over the nearly 130 years it has been operating, it has never supported students before. 

Until now, that is. This year, AJ Park put its hand-up to support a First Foundation Scholar throughout their tertiary education, while providing work experience, and mentoring. 

Principal at AJ Park Mark Hargreaves says his organisation has been aware of First Foundation for a number of years.

“We’re very supportive of its focus on helping individuals grow both through university study but also through work experience,” Mark says. 

“We want to see all capable students have these opportunities irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances.” 

He and his team know the country’s “future stars” come from all walks of life, and AJ Park is hopeful that by supporting First Foundation students, it will see them prosper and encourage more people in their communities to do the same. 

“Their bright personalities and bright ideas will then hopefully form the basis of innovative organisations that improve our country and offer employment and opportunities for future generations.” 

Mark, who runs the Commercial team which focuses on helping clients with IP strategy and with contracts and commercial negotiations, says while AJ Park committed to taking on one student this year, there is an intention to grow that number over time. 

During work experience at AJ Park, Scholars will be exposed to the various innovative people and companies of all shapes and sizes it works with.

“Our students will get exposure to the clever ideas, technologies and businesses that are supporting New Zealand’s growth in the 21st century. 

“They will get exposure to IP law and also to the processes by which our clients develop, protect and then commercialise their ideas.” 

It is exciting times for AJ Park, who look forward to supporting First Foundation, give Scholars a hand-up with their futures. 

“We want to see all capable students have these opportunities irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances.”