‘Evalata Vehikite

Recruitment Co-ordinator

‘Evalata is a NZ born Tongan; born in East Auckland and brought up in Tonga to learn the culture, tradition, language etc. She is the only girl in a family of 6 brothers and is the first to graduate. At the age of 10, she moved to NZ where she completed primary, intermediate, college and eventually her tertiary studies. She graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Business double majoring in Human Resource and Management. She has always wanted to work in the field of her chosen qualification mainly focused on interaction where she can utilize her people skills while also developing on them.

Prior to First Foundation she was an employee at Fletcher Building for almost 3 years – Human Resource Assistant, Learning & Development Coordinator, Recruitment Para-Consultant. ‘Evalata is the newest member of the team and is currently the Recruitment Coordinator looking after the recruitment process for both students & mentors.

“Before joining the team, I was super excited to be involved in contributing to the wider community in a way where we are able to provide our younger generations the opportunities of fulfilling their own personal potentials. Despite the existing challenges and obstacles our youth may be experiencing, it is gratifying to be able to provide support while making a change in someone’s life. Being a part of a movement like First Foundation is beyond rewarding and it’s worthwhile. I wish I was made aware of this opportunity back when I was studying. I feel very privileged to be a part of this company and being able to make a significant impact in our younger generations.”