Nicola Betts

Mentor Co-ordinator

Nicola Betts says it is a real privilege to be working with First Foundation.

New to the First Foundation in June 2018, the Mentor Recruitment Coordinator brings experience in networking, facilitating, organising events and administration to the Foundation.

Being involved in the community played a big part in her upbringing and she has continued to work and volunteer in the community space ever since. Prior to joining First Foundation, Nicola volunteered with Parents Centre, Plunket and held a Board position with Bellyful, and she has worked at several high schools in their respective Careers department, as well as at The Parenting Place and Variety, the Children’s Charity helping co-ordinate the roll out of the Kiwi Kids Sponsorship programme.

Nicola is excited to be involved with an organisation providing such wonderful opportunities to youth and looks forward to helping grow the Mentor programme, “I truly believe everyone has something to offer a young person, whether it be through their own learning journey or life experiences”.