Jacquie Reid

Business Catalyst

“Poipoia te Kakano Kia puawai” - Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Jacquie has been fortunate to have had strong mentors support her throughout her career which began in tourism and hospitality. These roles instilled a curiosity for continuous improvement and gave her a good foundation to develop people and process skills as well as an opportunity to travel and explore different cultures. Discovering that the world is a small place and we are all very similar no matter where we come from, communication goes beyond the spoken word.

Her mentors have always encouraged her to stretch and try something new which has resulted in her career moving to business development, sales and marketing, learning and organisational development while working from a variety of industries such as Corporate Express, Ernst Young, Manukau Institute of Technology, University of Auckland and ASB. These opportunities exposed her to different ways of working and developed her need for data driven decision making. Making process and systems work for people and not just compliance and reporting, results in everyone aligning with a common goal. Volunteering and empowering others has always been core to her values.

Born in Zimbabwe, Jacquie has lived in the United Kingdom and moved to New Zealand in 2002 where she was introduced to Māori world views which are a great foundation for people being the centre of business. Practices such as a mihi (introduction) at the beginning of each meeting, is great business practice in knowing who is there, why and what we need to achieve.

“Being given the opportunity to work at First Foundation is an amazing opportunity to work for an organisation that supports tomorrow’s leaders. It is a great privilege to be part of a journey that brings together industry, scholars and mentors and is a perfect alignment with my values. First Foundation offers opportunities for individuals to discuss the light within once the light has been discovered “Nothing can dim a light that shines within” Maya Angelou. “