Alana Levi

Class of: 2014
School: Taita College
Scholarship Partner: Warehouse Stationery
"Alana is the student we all wish we had in class. She genuinely loves to learn and achieve, She persists until the work is completed to a standard that meets her own high expectations ...She sets a hugely positive example to her peers, who look to her as a model of success, hard work and dedication," said Emma Henderson from Taita College.

Alana is very proud of her heritage and has been the Niuean leader for her school's Polynesian Club since 2013. She is a 2016 Senior Executive member at Taita College  and regularly attends the school's homework club assisting younger students. She was also on the school debating team.

She works hard at English, History, Mathematics, Biology and Physical Education to achieve her dream of being the first in her family to study at University.