Amanda Yovich

Class of: 2010
School: Kamo High School
Scholarship Partner: Northpower

'Amanda is a young woman who will always make a positive contribution to her community. She will always rise to a challenge. She can be relied upon to invest maximum effort at all times,' said Julie McFarland, the Year 11 Dean at Kamo High School.

Amanda achieved high academic results at school. PAssing NCEA with Excellence and Merit endorsements. For Japanese language, Amanda received a Gold Certificate in the Language of Perfect Vocabulary Olympics, placing her among the top achievers in New Zealand. Amanda received a Year 11 Dean's award and placed in the top 8 overall for Year 11. She was first in Year 11 History and Science and was 3rd in Geography.

This active young woman's involvement in numerous committees, sports teams and leadership roles and
 illustrated her commitment to the wider life of her school.

Amanda completed a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University of Wellington in December 2014 and the fo,owing year did a post grad studies to enable her to fulfil her goal of teaching.