Annie Tuaoi

Class of: 2007
School: McAuley High School
Scholarship Partner: State Insurance

At school Annie was known as a well rounded student who participated in the academic, sporting, social and spiritual aspects of the school. The Yr 12 Dean of McAuley High School described Annie as "an endearing, cheerful and community-minded student, who makes people feel important and welcome."

Annie's outward-looking nature and interest in helping the community links her strongly to State Insurance's company outlook. "Annie was full of life, very likable and showed an alignment to the values of our company," said Karen Hutson, HR Business Partner for Culture and Reputation at the time that Annie was named their 2008 First Foundation Scholar.

Intially Annie studied for a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Auckland giving her the opportunity to understand people in a broad sense. She took papers in Sociology, Anthropology and Pacific Studies; fields of study that overlap and will support her passion for Education and Community-related endeavours.

She is currently living in Melbourne taking a break from study.