Ben Kleinsman Hill

Class of: 2012
School: Waiopehu College
Scholarship Partner: NZCT / Horowhenua District Council

Ben's experience of secondary schooling is shorter than most in New Zealand. He grew up homeschooling and decided to enter the world of public schooling only towards the end of Year 11. His achievements in NCEA since then have been outstanding. Ben's wide range of experiences have contributed to and enriched his education. Ben's high level of intelligence is reflected in his equally broad interests and his incredible capacity to learn.

With experiences such as being selected as Navigator on the trainee day on The Spirit of New Zealand Growing, Ben was also earmarked as a young man growing in confidence as a leader. Described by his school teachers as "honest and reliable, conscientious, diligent, and a lateral thinker." His time with Horowhenua District Council will no doubt employ him on all these levels. They recount that they were impressed with Ben's outstanding potential from the first meeting.

With all the interest, passion and intelligence for Electronics and Engineering Ben decided to study Mechatronics at Massey Universi