Bobby Shen

Class of: 2006
School: Mt Roskill Grammar School
Scholarship Partner: Chevpac Machinery Limited
At school Bobby was well known for his friendly personality. Combined with his enthusiasm and exemplary work ethic, Bobby was tagged as an outstanding student. While achieving highly all round, he excelled in Technology and Design and wanted to pursue higher education in these subjects.

At the time that Bobby was awarded a First Foundation Scholarship, Claire Stewart at Chevpac Machinery said "When we first met Bobby we were impressed with his overall enthusiasm about all aspects of his life - his studies, music, family and volunteer work. For such a young man he seems very clear and realistic about his career aims."

Bobby graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from The University of Auckland and in 2014 with a Masters in Architecture (First Class Honours).

Bobby's effervescent personality continues and his passion for both architecture and people is clear. He works at The Phobic Trust where he has been Phone Line Manager and a senior volunteer for several years. His maturity shines through in this role as he counsels people with anxiety disorders. Bobby is also part of the Auckland chapter of Architecture for Humanities.
He is also a current First Foundation Mentor.