Bonnie Lam

Class of: 2012
School: Alfriston College
Scholarship Partner: Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd

Bonnie is an incredibly cheerful and delightful young lady with a smile that lights up a room.  Younger sister of Anna Lam, who was also awarded a First Foundation Scholarship, Bonnie is also incredibly intelligent.

One of 11 daughters in the family, Bonnie is the 7th in line. 'She is a lady of considerable intellect and a mature social awareness...she has been a joy to work with and an inspiration to staff and students alike,' writes the Acting Principal of Alfiston College. Bonnie's school achievements ranged from achieving NCEA Level 1 with an Excellence endorsement to awards in all of her subjects to playing in Soccer and Netball teams. Bonnie used one of her free periods at school to volunteer at the Manurewa New Life Church Soup Kitchen

"Vitaco choose Bonnie because of her impressive project work, academic achievements and her leadership involvement at Alfriston College and in the community. She showed passion for Food technology and displayed all the qualities we believe will enable her to succeed in here chosen career," said Annette Ciprian, General Manager Technical at Vitaco Health.

Articulate, confident and clear about her future goals, Bonnie's ambition is to work in the food technology sector, which she well on track for, having completed a Bachelor of Science - Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Auckland. She is currently working at Vitaco, her Scholarship Partner, with her ultimate goal being to produce a product and see it on the shelves at her local supermarket.