Brooke Leota

Class of: 2008
School: Bishop Viard College
Scholarship Partner: NZ Community Trust

Brooke is a 'student who loves to be fully involved,' said the Principal of Bishop Viard College. At school Brooke was known for her bubbly personality and for relating easily to her peers and to adults. It is no surprise then that in her final years of College Brooke was a strong leader, coach and a Student Representative on the Board of Trustees.

Brooke says that she gets real joy from helping people and very clear views on the sort of woman she wants to become. She recognises her ability to be a strong role model for her younger siblings, one of whom has Downs Syndrome, saying 'I want to be a support for my siblings so they see that they can make a positive future for themselves if they want it and work for it.'  Mike Knell from NZCT saw evidence of Brooke's consideration for her family and wider community and this was one of the deciding factors that motivated NZCT to choose Brooke.

Brooke graduated in 2014 from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Science (NeuroScience) and has started a Bachelor of Medicine. She plays netball and also coaches a couple school teams as well as mentoring HSci and medical students.