Celyn Pauli

Class of: 2015
School: Avondale College
Scholarship Partner: Fonterra Co-operative Group
Leaving Samoa and arriving in New Zealand at the age of four was the first significant challenge Celyn Pauli faced in life. But she quickly learned both a new language and how to adapt to a new environment, and is now fluent is two languages. Facing those challenges early on taught her the power of a positive attitude and she has gone on to achieve significant results at school.

Avondale College Deputy Principal Kiely Murphy commented that Celyn has excellent leadership skills and is a 2016 Prefect. She has also made a significant contribution to the Avondale College Polyfest Samoan Group. At school she is a 2016 Prefect and was also a Safe Skills Leader and a member of the school's 1st XV Girl Rugby Premier Team. 

Outside of school Celyn is involved with her church, including teaching Sunday School, fundraising and belonging to the youth group.
She plans to study law and will be the first of her family of eight to attend University.