Cheyenne Thompson

Class of: 2015
School: Aranui High School
Scholarship Partner: NZ Community Trust

2016 Head Girl

Cheyenne has received awards for excellence in music, art, physical education, science and mathematics. She was a prefect and represented her school in netball, basketball, touch and ki o rahi.
Her goal is to study for a Bachelor of Education, which her school believes will suit her perfectly.

"Cheyenne has very much involved herself in the life of her community. She is a volunteer for the Aranui Community Trust and in this role works with many young people. She is responsible for organising events as well as mentoring these young people. This gives her a really strong foundation on which to build her future. Cheyenne's commitment to young people is clear in her career goal. She is determined to find a profession that allows her to support those around her who most need her help," said Aranui High School Principal John Rohs.