Christina Leef

Class of: 2007
School: Tamaki College
Scholarship Partner: New Zealand Post


With New Zealand Post's support, Christina is the first member of her immediate family to attend University. Her Principal at Tamaki College regarded her "an out-going and personable young woman, with a clear vision of where she is heading in the future." 

While at school Christina, as a prefect, participated fully in school life. In addition, her extracurricular activities included the Spirit of Adventure, playing for the West Cook Island Touch team, acting in the University of Auckland production of 'Romeo and Juliet' and involvement in awareness groups.

On the occasion of awarding Christina with a First Foundation Scholarship Robyn Dalzell, Regional Sales and Services Manager at New Zealand Post stated: "We were very impressed with Christina's outgoing and bubbly personality, and her articulation of her goals and aspirations. She has clearly worked hard to succeed."
Since then, Christina says that she has had wonderful support from her New Zealand Post colleagues.

In 2009 Christina moved from Auckland to Wellington to pursue her tertiary education, where she is studying Commerce at Victoria University (Māori Business and Management) and completed her degree December 2015 but she has already started post-grad honours exploring generational diversity on Māori business boards, focusing on age and gender diversity as well as indigenous entrepreneurship. She is part of a Start Up that is developing a medical device that locates veins and have just got to the stage of a working prototype.

In 2015 Christina was awarded The Huihuinga Wahine Emerging Leader Scholarship at The Huihunga Māori Womens' Leadership Summit. She also decided to leave the finance world which she had been working in for almost six years to pursue her passion, Māori business and entrepreneurship. She has focused on her Start Up, attended entrepreneurship conferences, networked, and co-organised events that engaged with Māori organisations.