Cian Gardner

Class of: 2012
School: Melville High School
Scholarship Partner: Brian Perry Charitable Trust

Cian's personality is one that sees her strive to be a valuable member of her community. Motivated and driven to achieve excellent results, this vibrant young lady stands out from her peers. "I am a very driven person who is committed to beating the status quo," states Cian.

She was a leader in all aspects of her school; cultural, performing arts, sports and academic.  In 2008 she received the Altrusa Award which recognised her involvements in all these areas and in the community. Cian speaks of this award with pride. Eldest of five siblings with a single mother, Cian is determined about setting an example for her brothers, sisters and other students. Cian is the first in her family to ever attend or graduate from University.

"These scholarships meet, in many ways, the Brian Perry Charitable Trust's objectives in terms of their ability to provide a hand up to youth who demonstrate the ability to excel with their education and career goals. At the interview Cian came well presented with a quiet but confident personality. She demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving her objectives both in education and future career goals. She is articulate with strong time management in terms of all her activities be them education, work experience, sport and family," said Barry Coombes from the Trust.

Cian is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Teaching with a focus on Drama and English and hope to complete in December 2018.