Daniel Hing-Mather

Class of: 2007
School: Bishop Viard College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Construction

Daniel spent the first 11 years of his life in the Philippines. After moving to New Zealand he took an active role in numerous activities both school and community related. Daniel's many positive qualities include strong communication skills, empathy, intelligence and diligence. With English being his second language, it is impressive that for several years Daniel stayed in the top 5% of the nation's achievers for English in the Australasian exams.

Wellington Manager Greg Pritchard says "In considering the characteristics I was looking for in a student I was keen that they showed all round ability, rather than specialised excellence. In Daniel I found all that I was looking for."

Daniel studied at Victoria University and graduated at the end of 2014 with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in development studies. 
In 2015 Daniel started work at Cottrel Law Limited providing immigration advice and advocacy.