Eleanor Adviento

Class of: 2011
School: Birkenhead College
Scholarship Partner: Pitney Bowes

Eleanor is an incredibly effervescent young woman. However her vibrancy is deeply rooted in a resilience that surpasses her age and petite stature. "Eleanor is an asset to our College, forever proving to be a role model...she owns a maturity that many students do not have until after their high school years" commented her Yr 12 Dean.

Eleanor's record of diverse achievements are too many to list, but the list includes gaining an Excellence endorsement for NCEA 1, frequent high achievement awards for all her subjects, music and acting awards and recognition as an elite Curling player. In 2011 she was selected for the New Zealand Under 21 Women's Curling team to compete in the Pacific Asia Junior Curling Championships in South Korea in 2012 and as vice-skip for the New Zealand Youth Winter Olympic Curling team, travelling to Austria in 2012.

'It is hard to look past Eleanor's energy and enthusiasm. She is already a high achiever and we feel privileged to be able to support her through the next stage of her journey" said Tim Malcolm, HR/Marketing Communications for Pitney Bowes.

While people warm to Eleanor easily, this incredible girl shows a desire to learn from others' life experiences. Well-equipped with such a positive attitude, Eleanor graduated in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) and is continuing with her studies at the University of Auckland to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Science. She continues to compete in Curling Competions.