Elliot Burr

Class of: 2011
School: Naenae College
Scholarship Partner: Shephard Dunphy

Elliot's family grew up with his mother relying on a benefit for support. The First Foundation Scholarship has provided the additional support that Elliot needs to continue his education at a tertiary level; study which will help him achieve his future goals.  His Yr 12 Dean wrote  "he has the proven qualities for success, leadership and a work ethic that would attract any prospective organisation."

Throughout school Elliot proved to be a quick learner and one who identified his goals and worked hard to achieve them. In 2010 Elliot was top student in Mathematics and won awards in Economics, Science and Technology. He was also awarded a Merit Award specifically for his worthy contribution to school life. At school Elliot played Waterpolo and gained his NZ Waterpolo Referee Induction Certificate, which he uses to help referee games. Elliot showed sound leadership potential and has been team leader for his school's participation in the Mabiz competition and the youngest person to be shift leader at his part time job at KFC. Outside of school, Elliot competes and teaches Ballroom and Latin dancing.

This independent, task-orientated young man completed a degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Canterbury in 2016 and in 2017 started a masters in Engineering Management.