Emalee Tea

Class of: 2016
School: Aorere College
Scholarship Partner: Spark New Zealand
Being the first in her family to go to University is not something Emalee takes lightly - she looks forward to making her family proud and rewarding their support and faith in her.

She has taken part in the PILOT programme (Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow) and learnt an invaluable lesson - "that not all leaders have to lead from the front, but those who lead from behind are just as good". Deputy Principal Amy Martin agreed.

"Emalee is a person who, in her own quiet way, makes a difference to the people around her. She has a strong social conscience and is a wonderful ambassador of Aorere College," she said.

Emalee is active in her school community. She plays hockey and is a member of a group that sews toys, blankets and clothing that are donated to Middlemore Hospital. She hopes to study towards a Bachelor in Computer and Information Science.