Emma Robertson

Class of: 2012
School: Aranui High School
Scholarship Partner: Coca-Cola Amatil

Vivacious and joyfully energetic, Emma displays a warm smile and presence every time you see her. Emma carries a strong sense of community and a desire to be a positive influence on others. Emma is highly involved with her youth group, a local dance studio and volunteering at the Agape Trust after school.

Shaun McFadden, Sales Manager at CCANZ said 'Emma presented herself to us as a super enthusiastic young woman with an incredible desire to work with us and our brands. In our time with her we knew that we had something to offer her and we'd be able to help her with her career choices and pathway. CCANZ loves being a part of the First Foundation and the phenomenal work it does with our young people.'

Future aspirations for Emma and study involve harnessing her creative and people skills by training in either radio or television production. She hopes to begin by studying Media Communications at the University of Canterbury.