Erin Rogers

Class of: 2006
School: Linwood College
Scholarship Partner: New Zealand Post
Erin was awarded the Judith Brailsford Cup in 2004 for best all round student at Linwood College. The Assistant Principal at Linwood felt that she was a "mature, sensible and articulate student with great interpersonal skills.  She achieves to a high academic level and is considered a future leader." Captain of several sporting teams, she won Outstanding Student Captain for her role with the school soccer team. She was also an outstanding and dedicated U17 Canterbury Cricket player.

Scholarship Partner New Zealand Post has provided Erin with support throughout her tertiary study and the confidence to believe in her own abilities. Reflecting on her Scholarship experience, Erin says that she particularly values the exposure that she obtained in the business environment and to new people.

Studying at The University of Canterbury, Erin has combined her passion for sport and people through a Bachelor of Education specialising in PE.  2011 was a busy year for Erin as she completed her degree and spent time helping her community after the Christchurch earthquakes. In 2012 Erin moved to Dunedin to take her first teaching job at Otago Girls' High School as a History and Social Studies teacher.