Giovanni Fesuiai

Class of: 2006
School: Aotea College
Scholarship Partner: BRANZ
Giovanni was proud to have been the only Pacific Islander at his school to receive a Massey University, Vice Chancellors Award in 2005. In the same year he received awards for Academic Excellence in Art and English. Giovanni also displayed huge talent for Sports, singing and leadership.

Through the First Foundation Scholarship, Giovanni and Mentor Matt Fraser formed a long-term connection and despite Giovanni becoming an Alumni, they continue to meet. Scholarship Partner BRANZ saw this young man with a bright future and also wanted to support him. For Giovanni "the biggest benefit was to witness and be a part of BRANZ business and work. The experience gained from such an influential business is something I value with utmost appreciation," he states. "It has given me confidence and motivation to succeed in the future."

Giovanni enrolled at Victoria University and  graduated in May 2013 with  a  a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and International Relations. Since then he has worked at BRANZ and then Project Advisor for the Ministry for Primary Industries - Aquaculture, Growth & Innovation / Sector Partnerships and Programmes Branch and has been appointed Acting manager Investment Portfolio.

Giovanni is currently a mentor for a Foundation Steps student from the Class of 2016.