Helen Zhou

Class of: 2008
School: Naenae College
Scholarship Partner: Siemens (NZ) Ltd

Helen's family immigrated to New Zealand from China seven years ago. Helen believes that this experience matured her and encouraged her to develop skills she had not needed before. Achieving highly throughout her time at Naenae College, Helen stood out for her maturity and consistency. Her Yr 12 Dean said her quiet confidence means that she does not shy away from challenges. She was known for setting goals and having the drive and motivation to achieve them. Helen's love of learning led her to participate in a number of school enterprises.

Following on with her interest in business, Helen graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law form Victoria University of Wellington.

Since then she has worked for NAB collection at BNZ Harbour Quay, then worked at Xero, moving to London for a year in 2016 with them. She has returned to New Zealand and is currently a Xero Customer Experience team leader for Wellington and Wairapa.