Hiliary Schroeder

Class of: 2007
School: Catholic Cathedral College
Scholarship Partner: The Warehouse


Hiliary was not only a top academic performer at college but in her final year she demonstrated notable leadership potential as Head Girl. Hiliary's positive approach to learning and life led her to be involved with a number of groups both in school and also outside of school. The Senior Dean at the College said of Hiliary that she "is an extremely motivated and driven young woman who achieves well in all areas."

Trudi Dalgity, Human Resources Regional Manager from The Warehouse was left with a memorable impression after meeting Hiliary. "Hilary immediately impressed me with her cheerful personality and her ability to chat at ease (about all sorts of topics!). I found her engaging and was impressed with her level of maturity" said Trudi.

A positive experience being the host of Catholic Cathedral's radio station holds poignancy now that she is has completed her Degree in Broadcasting, majoring in radio through the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch. She was placed with Auckland-based station Solid Gold in a final secondment and was fortunate enough to be offered a job there.

She is currently working for The Breeze Canterbury (MediaWorks NZ)