Hola Ta'ani

Class of: 2006
School: De La Salle College
Scholarship Partner: The Warehouse
Hola's goal was to be the first member of his Tongan family to graduate from University. At school Hola displayed every attribute that he would need to make it through tertiary study. The Principal of De La Salle College said of Hola that he "presented himself well in all areas and is reliable. He has been a model student."  Hola's work ethic and determination saw him receive many awards; two of these being a Principal's Award for Generosity in 2005 and also the North Island Golden Gloves for boxing in 2006. On top of a busy schedule, Hola also spent time involved with his community.

Dedicated, positive, courageous, focused and humble is how the Talent Team at The Warehouse described Hola.  During his Scholarship with them, Hola developed strong working relationships and he continues to work there part time. He also found that the support of Mentor James Treadwell contributed greatly to his successes in undergraduate study.

Hola is driven to continue to be a role model to younger generations both in his family and his community. Graduating at the end of 2011 Hola has persevered through conjoint degrees in Arts and Law with a focus on Criminology. Hola wants to encourage others that education plays a vital part in what he sees as a successful life.