Holly Tito

Class of: 2014
School: Alfriston College
Scholarship Partner: Ford New Zealand
Holly puts all her efforts into achieving excellent grades at school, supported by her close friends. She is currently Alfriston College's 2015 Academic Leader.

She is heavily involved in community activities including the 40 Hour Famine, Sunrise Walk, Phones for Starship and the Shoebox of Love for children at Starship.  Holly also gets involved after school with the Art Workshops.
"..Holly has a caring manner which makes her a people focussed person and she is quietly confident in herself so she can mix with a range of people with ease.  Holly enjoys very good relationships with her peers and teachers.  Holly is considerate, well mannered, humble and she always acts with integrity.."  Karyn White, Kaitoro Whanau Leader, Alfriston College.

Holly has a very strong interest in Art, with a goal of being first in her family to go to University to potentially study Art.