Isadora Tunai

Class of: 2017
School: Southern Cross Campus
Scholarship Partner: Transpower NZ Ltd

Isadora is Samoan, born and raised in Brisbane, coming to NZ in 2012. The Australians have laid claim to many a NZ treasure over the decades, but not in this case as we are proud to have Isadora with us at First Foundation.

Isadora does something that most teenagers would find unappealing; she really enjoys maths and physics, so much so that she plans on completing a Bachelor of Engineering. Her goal is to own her own company, to be an employer rather than an employee, to give back and provide for not only her family, but a community.

She is described by her school, Southern Cross Campus, as "a top academic student in her cohort, which is a testament to her ability that she has also been the top academic student of subjects which are a level beyond her chronological age."