Ishwanka Sharma

Class of: 2016
School: One Tree Hill College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Building

Ishwanka and her family move to New Zealand from India 13 years ago and she has contributed significantly to her community since then.

"Ishwanka wants to make a difference in our world and she is already demonstrating this through her actions," said Principal Nick Coughlan.

She volunteers at her local library, helps children with numeracy and literacy, and also helps out at a primary school's afterschool programme. She has attended sustainability camps run by Auckland Council as a leader, and enjoys attending beach clean-ups and tree planting days. Ishwanka has a Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award in bronze and silver, and is currently working on gold.

Ishwanka displays strong leadership. She has been a senior prefect, Student representative on the Board of Trustees, Auckland Council Youth Leader and has been chosen to go on the Spirit of Adventure later in the year.

She works just as hard in the classroom, and has achieved at a particularly high level in Economics, English and Maths.