Jack Chng

Class of: 2006
School: Birkenhead College
Scholarship Partner: Philips New Zealand Limited
"Jack is an impressive young man who possesses leadership potential and demonstrates academic prowess. He seeks responsibility and can be relied upon to achieve all tasks to a high level" said Jack's Yr 13 Dean. Jack all round abilities were reflected in the many awards he received for his achievements. He won awards for public speaking, sports and science. At school Jack was also an advocate for seeing his peers become positive role models.

Despite Jack's mentor Tom Lowery now living in Sydney, they still keep in contact. Jack counts his relationship with Tom as one of the measurable successes of his time in the programme. The fact that Tom is an accountant has not only been directly relevant to Jack, who aspires to be an accountant, but this relationship has been inspirational for Jack.

Jack graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Information Management from The University of Auckland in 2011.He completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting and is a  registered Charted Accountant through NZICA. He is currently working at ISUZU.