Jamal Peneha

Class of: 2009
School: Taita College
Scholarship Partner: Foodstuffs North Island Ltd


Jamal is the first of her family to pursue education beyond Yr 12.  She says, earnestly, that being a part of the First Foundation experience is life changing: "My family, career and future will benefit from this scholarship deeply, and it means mean so much to make my family proud and provide me with a future."

As Head Girl, academically Jamal was a stand-out student. She was also an impressive sportswoman and leader. She actively involved herself in Athletics, Basketball, Touch and Netball and in 2009 set the school record for the triple jump. Her school spirit and willingness to help others saw her given the opportunity to attend the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Programme, the Spirit of Adventure and to attend the 2009 Wellington Young Leaders Day.

"Even at this young age, Jamal manages to make lasting impressions with the people around her. She is a vibrant woman, with huge potential for success in every aspect of life" said Alicia Roberts, HR Manager Retail Brands at Foodstuffs Wellington, when announcing Jamal a First Foundation Scholar.

Jamal completed her Commerce and Commercial law Degree in December 2015, majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Criminology from Victoria University of Wellington. She is currently working at Rutherford & Bond Limited as HR Coordinator.