Jane Pukeiti

Class of: 1999
School: James Cook High School
Scholarship Partner: Hubbard Foods
In her application for a First Foundation Scholarship, this New Zealand born Cook Island student wrote "I hope to become a positive role model to other Polynesian young people." Jane began her First Foundation journey as a mature, outgoing student with a strong resolve which saw her through a challenging upbringing. When her father passed away, her mother had to give up her job at the time to raise four year old Jane and her older sister. Facing these challenges, Jane maintained a model demeanour and the desire to pursue tertiary education.

Academically, Jane displayed strengths in both Mathematics and English at school.  As a Hockey player, Jane was proud to have been on the Australian tour team for the school's 1st XI Girls team in 1998. Outside of school, Jane spent time volunteering at the Homai Vision Centre and the South Auckland Hospice Appeal.

In reflecting on her Scholarship experience, Jane sees merits in the transferable skills that she developed while working at Hubbards Foods. "I found the personal involvement in contributing to University fees through savings targets helpful and the budgeting skills I now draw on frequently," she comments.

Jane went to The University of Auckland where she studied a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Sociology and Geography.  She then did Postgraduate study in Urban Geography. She graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in 2005 and is currently working at AMI Insurance in the Finance department.