JJ Blucher

Class of: 2005
School: James Cook High School
Scholarship Partner: Tru-Test Ltd
Overcoming the obstacle of losing his Father in 2000, has left JJ both determined and strong.  "An outstanding student who works with dedication and determination and achieves excellent results in all subjects" commented the Principal of James Cook High about JJ. Early on it was noted that he had an exceptional ability for Mathematics and Japanese. Every year at high school he won top academic awards, a trend he has continued since winning Dux of his intermediate school.

At Tru-Test JJ proved to be a solid worker and one with notable time management skills. Peter Mandeno of Tru-Test said "What was particularly impressive about JJ's application was his all-round achievement in balancing his commitments. John has had a number of set-backs in his life and has shown great resolve and ability to focus on goals and maintain a very clear vision of what he wants to achieve in life."

Having explored a range of subjects at tertiary level over a number of years, and over 7 semesters at university JJ graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Information Systems from The University of Auckland. Tru-Test stayed by JJ's side throughout and JJ had a permanent position with them until 2017.  He now works at Virsae as a Software Developer.