John Harper-Devoe

Class of: 2012
School: Manurewa High School
Scholarship Partner: Hynds Education Fund

John displays a passion for automotives and mechanics. Having been part of the Engineering Trade Academy through school, in association with MIT, John has had the chance to outwork some of this passion and he intends to continue down this line of trade.

Over the past few years John has been incredibly committed to helping his family at home whilst balancing his schoolwork. His positive outlook and dedication to the task at hand are attributes which make him standout. His willingness to learn combined with his fast learning ability and his personal attributes see John with huge potential. 'With the additional support and mentoring that this Scholarship would afford him, I can see John going from strength to strength,' writes the Head of Technology at Manurewa High.

It is John's ambition to study Mechanical Engineering.