Jonah Hanrahan

Class of: 2017
School: Waitakere College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Building

It’s not very often that a student who holds two NZ records for gaming on Mario Kart 64 would also be an outstanding academic, chess champion, musician of several instruments, music composer, sportsman, referee, and coach, but that is precisely what Jonah Hanrahan has achieved so far. He has also overcome several hardships in his young life; having worked since he was 14 to help provide for his family and having no other relatives in NZ, Jonah knows what it is to put in a hard day's work to help provide for the basics of life.

And yet, through it all, he was awarded as the top overall student at the Prime Ministers Youth Programme. An exceptional young man, Jonah has a goal to own is own home by the age of 25.

He will be the first in his family to attend university and intends to complete a Bachelor of Engineering.