Jonnie Tiaki

Class of: 2016
School: Taita College
Scholarship Partner: NZX
"Jonnie is a charismatic, quiet leader who has grown dramatically in confidence over the last four years. Jonnie is always smiling. This amazing young woman takes huge pride in her Cook Island cultural heritage. As such, she a well-respected leader in our school's hugely successful Polynesian group. In this leadership role, the students are drawn to Jonnie's gentle, calm style of leadership, which makes even the most timid Year 9 student comfortable in performing to a large audience. Other students look up to her because she is focussed, kind and committed to giving her best every single time," said Assistant Principal Emma Henderson. She was also the Academic Captain.

This quote sums up Jonnie's dedication to her culture which, along with her family and her church, is a major motivating force in her life.

Jonnie excels in science and maths and looks forward to being the first in her family to study at university.