Kaycie O'Connor

Class of: 2012
School: Western Heights High School
Scholarship Partner: Winstone Wallboards / Placemakers

Regarded by her Principal as a 'conscientious and capable academic,' Kaycie was student with wide ranging abilities and interests. Kaycie was also a willing contributor to school and community service.  She is a highly active and involved young woman.

At school, Kaycie helped to organise a Canteen Appeal, raising money for Child Cancer. She was an advocate for Student's Against Driving Drunk and a Western Heights Community Youth Representative. Her weekends were taken with a part time job at Harvey Norman Photocentre and in addition she helped her mother with her Cattery. Alongside these commitments Kaycie was fortunate to be an apprentice photographer with the Rotorua Stockcar Club, gaining experience in an artistic discipline that she is highly passionate about. In all she does she demonstrates a positive outlook and a dedication to the job.

For Kaycie, who got an A in her Cambridge English exams a Yr 11 and holds a strong passion for photography, study in Media Arts at Wintec in Hamilton was her goal and beyond that she hopes to be eligible to work as a Photographer, Journalist or Film Director.

In December 2016, Kaycie completed a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in photography  from WINTEC. Kaycie showed promise from early days by receiving an award in her first year for excellence in photography.

In 2017 she studying for a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations