Kayla Astwood

Class of: 2012
School: Manawatu College
Scholarship Partner: NZCT / Horowhenua District Council

In her application for a First Foundation Scholarship, Kayla wrote of the way she has developed in confidence and assertiveness over the past years. Her school involvements showed that she had taken definite steps to extend herself by accepting leadership a number of leadership roles within the school. This is a student with the desire and willingness to grow. She is known as a young woman with strong leadership potential. "Kayla does what she says, when she says she is going to do them. She is fair, competitive and leads by example," said her House Dean at Manawatu College at the time the Kayla applied for a First Foundation Scholarship.

Kayla was actively involved in the surrounding community too. She has been involved in a range of different ways at the local Library and Library Trust, where she related well to people of all ages. Her community mindedness stood her in good stead for her First Foundation partnership with the Horowhenua District Council who placed her for work experience in 2013/14 with Life to the Max, a social development agency.  This placement provided her with an amazing opportunity to learn the field of social work.

Kayla completed a Bachelor of Social Work from Massey University and is looking forward to putting her study into action in the fields of either child protection or youth justice.

She is currently living and working in London for the next two years.