Kelsi Heath

Class of: 2011
School: Birkenhead College
Scholarship Partner: John Peebles Associates

"Kelsi is someone who continually looks for (and finds) the good things about life. She has the enthusiasm, motivation and determination to succeed and we look forward to supporting her as she achieves her dreams," said Penelope Peebles on behalf of John Peebles Associates at the 2011 Auckland Awards.

At school Kelsi was known for her positive outlook and her strong relationships with peers and staff alike. She was a valuable team player and has been awarded prizes and leadership positions for both orienteering and curling.

Kelsi's new-found passion for curling combined with her dedication to practise saw her selected for the New Zealand Youth Winter Olympic Curling team, travelling to Austria in 2012. Since that selection, she has also been selected for the New Zealand Under 21 Women's Curling team.

This outward looking, personable all-rounder graduated from Otago University with a BSc in Human Nutrition in December 2015 and is currently working at Vitaco Health Group as a Product Developmental Technician.