Kiani Pou

Class of: 2015
School: Corporate
Scholarship Partner: Landcorp Farming Limited

2015 Head Girl and DUX

Kiana Pou was Head Girl at Northland College along with being a prefect, house leader and student representative for the Northland College Health and Safety Committee. Living on a small dairy farm in the Hokianga has meant agriculture has been a significant part of Kiani's life and she is keen to continue this by studying Agricultural Science at Lincoln University.
She was the winner of the Northland Regional Council Environmental Curriculum Award and joint overall winner of Top Energy Far North Science and Technology Fair for a project "Where's that P?" about Phosphorus runoff on the Northland College farm. 

"Her achievements and the way she operates have been a major factor in lifting student pride and achievement levels within our school," said Northland College Principal Jim Luders.