Laila Sheikh

Class of: 2002
School: Mt Roskill Grammar School
Scholarship Partner: The Warehouse
As well as being one of her school's  top academic students, Laila showed promise as an outstanding sportswoman. She participated in soccer, cricket and outrigger canoeing, amongst other sports. In her Yr 11 she was named one of the leading PE students. Looking ahead Laila aspired to combine her love for sports with sciences through tertiary education.

During her time in the First Foundation programme Laila developed valuable and transferable skills through work experience at The Warehouse. Paul Woolf at The Warehouse said of Laila, "I was impressed with her outgoing personality and her strong desire to be successful at everything she does."

Laila studied Sport and Exercise Science through The University of Auckland, graduating in 2007. In 2008 she completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Science with Distinction, in which she focused on Exercise Rehabilitation. This incredibly successful student is now in her 5th Yr of Medical School at The University of Auckland. It is her aim to continue to intertwine her passions for Science and Sport.