Lameko (Martin) La'a

Class of: 2005
School: Mangere College
Scholarship Partner: Spark New Zealand
This vibrant, well-balanced and outgoing student who's experience of being selected in 2005 for the Dream Fonotaga project with The University of Auckland gave him a taste of university life. Looking ahead, Lameko aspired to do study that would equip him with expertise to help his New Zealand and Samoan communities.

While still at school, the Principal of Mangere College noted that "Lameko strives for excellence in his schoolwork and has the ability and desire to succeed both academically and in the workforce. His excellent writing skills won him a prize for Creative Writing in 2005 whilst an aptitude for Mathematics saw him excel in Economics."

Lameko's ability to build rapport quickly with those he encounters was also noted as a strength of his. Telecom's Craig Robertson said "Lameko has a very personable, natural style and is an easily likeable young man. The real enthusiasm he displayed when invited to meet with us was a great indication of his interest in working with our company and of his approach to opportunities in general."

Lameko left University to work for Spark NZ and is currently a Store manager and has been heavily involved with the current group of Spark Scholarship students.