Leanora Gomes

Class of: 2007
School: Mt Roskill Grammar School
Scholarship Partner: Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd


Leanora's academic talent was apparent early in her secondary schooling. Leanora showed a particular aptitude for Science and Languages and more specifically Chemistry and French. In addition to achieving high academic results and being a Prefect at school, Leanora actively participated in sporting, cultural and community endeavours from Dragon Boating to Netball, youth group leadership in her Church to volunteering at the SPCA and voluntarily learning sign language. This diverse range of activities indicates Leanora's zest for life, time management skills and determination to live to the maximum.

Vitaco stood by Leanora in a shared passion for life and wellbeing. When Leanora was presented with a First Foundation Scholarship, Maureen Parkinson from Vitaco at the time said "it was fortunate we discovered a young woman who has an interest in science and health and brings fresh thinking to our organisation."

Leanora graduated in 2014 form the University of auckland with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and is currently Resident Medical Officer for Counties Manukau Health.