Lillian Faumuina

Class of: 1999
School: Tangaroa College
Scholarship Partner: Griffins Foods Ltd
Lillian wrote on her application form that "I want to achieve in the future is to be able to run my own little business as a sole trader".

At school she demonsrated that she was an above average student, with a real detemination to succeed. Her main areas of academic excellence  were language and business - winning prizes for her achievements. 

Lillian graduated from AUT in 2008 with a Bachelor of Business and double majors in Management and International Business.
She currently lives in Sydney and works as a long haul flight attendant for Virgin Australia whilst running a commercal farm business in Samoa with her partner.  She is also director of their export company in Samoa, exporting fresh produce to New Zealand and America Samoa.
"Flying allows me the free time to travel for business"