Luisa-Tafu Tauri-Tei

Class of: 2017
School: Alfriston College
Scholarship Partner: NZI

Luisa lives with her seven siblings in her Nan’s home. She has many dreams and one of them is to pay off her Nan’s debt, giving back for all the years of sacrifice to get her to where she is today.

One of her teachers says, "I would go so far as to say that she is one of the most able learners I have taught in twenty years of teaching. She is a mature thinker with a particular ability to think laterally and reflectively."

Luisa hopes to be part of the UN, saying, "I'm really passionate about solving social issues such as child poverty, human trafficking, and human rights abuse, not only in New Zealand but throughout the world. I want to be an educated advocate that is able to, not change the world, but change the way in which people see their world."

Luisa will be the first in her family to attend university.