Madison Miller

Class of: 2013
School: Fairfield College
Scholarship Partner: NZ Community Trust
Maddie is the eldest of 6 children and she believed this has helped her to develop leadership skills.

As well as achieving academically (excellence endorsement at NCEA level 1 and 2 ), Maddie is actively involved in many groups at school. She was the leader of the Sports Committee,member of the Anti-Harassment Team and Student Council in 2013.

She is also a keen and able sportswoman and is currently the year 12 and 13  Athletics and Cross-country champion (titles that she has currently held for five and three years respectively) and represents Waikato as a member of the Junior Women's Golf team.

Next year Maddie intends to study for a biomedical degree at the University of Auckland and then gain entry into a Bachelor of Surgery or Medicine.