Megan Wilson

Class of: 2015
School: Mairehau College
Scholarship Partner: Fletcher Building
"I know, without a doubt that Megan will be influential in the years to come. It would not surprise me in the least if she is one day our Prime Minister, or United Nations ambassador. Her fighting spirit, send of social justice, drive and willingness to stand up for her beliefs are just some of the many qualities that make people sit up and take notice of Megan Wilson," said Mairehau High School Assistant Principal Rebecca Swanson.

Megan has taken on a strong leadership role at her school. She was the student representative on the Board of Trustees and co-chaired the student council. She founded the Mairehau Marketing Team to promote the school within the local community - where she volunteers extensively. She was first in English, Mathematics, Business Studies, Media Studies and Health and received an award for Overall Excellence Year 11.
Megan hopes to study Commerce at University.