Mengsrun Chea

Class of: 2005
School: James Cook High School
Scholarship Partner: Fonterra Co-operative Group
"A young man with the potential to achieve considerable future success. Self-motivated, conscientious and enthusiastic about learning," said the James Cook High Principal of Meng.

This talent was noticed by Fonterra's Sheree Nicholas who said "Meng impressed us with his range of talents and experiences; he has proactively sought to develop his business skills through the Lion Nathan Business experience, a course at MIT and part-time jobs. He was involved in his wider school community through peer mediation, and as a student representative of his school. Fonterra is an exciting and challenging place to work and we thought that Meng would suit this dynamic environment and would tackle it with ease and professionalism." His relationship with Fonterra is ongoing and he works there part time while studying.

Despite completing his Scholarship, Meng continues to meet with Mentor Simon Peacocke monthly to catch up on everything from work to life issues and says that he values Simon immensely.

Meng followed through with his ambition to study Commerce at University and graduated with conjoint Business and Arts degrees at The University of Auckland in 2012 and is currently employed by Fonterra as an Internal Auditor. A huge highlight for Meng was getting married in 2010.