Micah Ridling

Class of: 2007
School: Onehunga High School
Scholarship Partner: Fulton Hogan Ltd


Through a range of activities at school Micah demonstrated entrepreneurial talent, leadership ability and a commitment to the life of his school and to the wider community. As a Prefect, Micah's high level of involvement set an example of excellence in service for those around him. Throughout school Micah particularly excelled in Maths and Science and desired to pursue these subjects in further study.

Whilst working on a joint endeavour 'Project Aspiring' in 2006 with Onehunga High School, Scholarship Partners Fulton Hogan were so impressed and inspired by Micah that they wanted to ensure that he was able to develop his future potential through tertiary education.

Micah graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from The University of Auckland in 2012 and is currently an engineer at his Scholarship Partner, Fulton Hogan.