Michael McCraith

Class of: 2011
School: Linwood College
Scholarship Partner: Manchester Charitable Trust / Foodstuffs South Island Ltd
Michael is an astute student with a clear sense of determination about him and the discipline to match. With the challenge of overcoming the death of his stepfather early in 2011, and living with his Mother on a single income, the First Foundation Scholarship has helped Michael hold onto his dream of getting a degree from University.

Michael is devoted to martial arts and Zen Buddhism and some of his goals relate to achieving at high levels in both of these. In 2010 he was awarded Top Physical Education student at school. Aside from Physical Education, Michael has strengths in the spectrum of Sciences and English. He is a focused student with huge respect for education. "Michael is an exemplary young man who gives the very best of himself in whatever he does, whether it is in his academic work or in his personal interests," commented his HOD of Physical Education and Health at the time that Michael was applying for a First Foundation Scholarship.

In 2015 Michael completed a Bachelor of Nursing from CIPT.  He is currently working as mental health nurse within a Forensic Unit and will soon be working with more versatile presentations in Acute Service.