Ming-En Wu

Class of: 2000
School: Manurewa High School
Scholarship Partner: Pacific Retail Group
A strong academic student, Ming-En's hardwork and dedication to her studies showed through in her Bursury exams. Her strengths lay in Mathematics, Accounting and the Sciences.

Ming-En says that the work expereince component of the First Foundation Scholarship has given her a headstart in business. She says that she gained a confidence in working environments which she did not have prior.  The mentoring component of the programme also impacted Ming-En and she still keeps up with her Mentor Melanie Smith.

Ming-En studied at The University of Auckland towards conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce degrees. After graduating from these in 2004 she went on to study for a Masters of International Business, from which she proudly graduated in 2006. Being a registered Accountant, Ming-En based herslf in Wellington where she worked` for Housing NZ. She is also a fully qualified NZICA mentor to others training to become Chartered Accountants.  She is currently Associate Director - CFO Advisory Services KPMG Australia.